How to Help DJs Find More Business

*Reposted From DJX Magazine*

We break down ways and means for DJs to create more business and find more opportunities within their field.  


Evolve Your Skills

Learn to mix, mashup and evolve your playlists, which can effectively differentiate you from…

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Steezy is going Up!

This year, I told myself, I want to go bigger. So recently I took a chance and submitted a Demo to the Yellow Brick Road Tour for a chance to play an opening set for a Major Artist at the…

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Offstage Sessions: Bringing House Back 2 Baltimore

Baltimore, House music is back! House music, for those less familiar with the genre, is a kind of fast-paced, 128 bpm, club-ready electronic dance music with throbbing rhythms, drum machines, synthesizers, and often repetitive vocals. It was first pioneered by…

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DJ Steezy: The Journey and Craft of Being a DJ

Aug 17, 2023• 31 min 45 sec

Melissa Bona

Episode Description

In this episode, Ellie engages in a dynamic conversation with renowned DJ Steezy, uncovering his career's depths, hidden facets…

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New Music Alert  

Check out my new Single “Misery”! A new single based on the toxic relationships of the show Euphoria. I partnered with Italian Producer Klein to release this Progressive House banger!

Upcoming Music Festivals

Its that time of the year, Here's a an update on a few upcoming music festivals are on the way!


 March 10-19,2023

Austin, TX

It’s not that South by Southwest takes over Austin — downtown Austin becomes SXSW for…

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*Article previously appeared on Pioneer DJ*

British electronic music is often presented through one-dimensional narratives that skew the complex history and development of scenes, communities and genres. There are personalities, clubs, cities and stories that dominate, obscuring the contributions of…

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City Paper Recognition

Thank you to all who voted for me! Voting took place in May of 2022 to vote on the Best Individuals in the city for various categories. I am humbled to get an honorable mention in the Baltimore Sun's Reader's…

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New Album, Vol. 2 too!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, you are invited back to the...House of Steez, my second EP! Currently streaming on all Platforms!  It consist of 3 tracks exploring the genres of Deep House, just in time for your poolside listening. Featuring vocals by…

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