Another Collaboration with Baltimore Rapper Brian Glo!

Recently, I took time this summer and helped my friend Brian Glo complete his masterpiece. This is the second album from the Peace and Power series by Maryland rapper Brian Glo. The album took almost a year to complete and was recorded at Wyman Towers apartments in Baltimore, MD. It features production from Brooklyn producer UrbanNerdBeats,  LA producer Happy Walters, and Young $wisher from Texas. I had the distinction of mixing and providing additional instrumentation and mastering the final copy. Brian Glo and his team work very hard to provide the people with clean, inspirational music. Please enjoy. The album was released September 7, 2021

The album is a testament to his love of his hometown of Baltimore as well as a dedication to the young men who also are growing up in this urban Jungle!

Listen to it now on Bandcamp!